Walk on 23-1

Playtesting the NetEA AMTL 3.23 list vs Ghazgkull's Ork Horde

Orky Flyboyz, 2935 POINTS
Ghazgkhull Thraka's War Horde (NetEA Tournament Pack 2013)

8 Gunwagon, 2 Oddboy (Zzap!)

8 Gunwagon, 2 Oddboy (Boom!)

2 Warbuggy, 6 Warbike

6 Warbike, 2 Warbuggy

7 Stormboyz

2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Warlord, 2 Nobz
Big Boss Baddaz riding his pimpin' new Landa

2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, 4 Battlewagon

4 Fighta Bomba

LANDA [200]

GARGANT [650] (Ded Shooty!)

After the game, we discovered that the Orks were a little low on points (there was room for another couple of gunwagonz, at least), but a little high on War Engines (1050/1000 points in the allies section).  Must have been that Big Boss Baddaz was in too much of a hurry to lift off to worry about accounting...
Battlegroup 23-1, 3000 POINTS
Legio Gryphonicus (NetEA v3.23 Playtesting)

Legate, 2 Quake Cannon, Carapace Landing Pad, Volcano Cannon
Testing whether my dual-quake Warlord is still viable after the change in CLP rules

Veteran Princeps, 2 Plasma Destructor, Close Combat Weapon, Gatling Blaster
Testing the upgraded heavy guns

REAVER TITAN [675] Jormundgandr
Apocalypse Rocket Launcher, 2 Turbolaser Destructor, Veteran Princeps
Plain Reaver

4 Sentinels

2 Thunderbolts

2 Thunderbolts
Closeup of the new Landa
Big Boss Baddaz struts his new ride


The table is a bit large at 8'x4', so the small Titan battlegroup concedes all hope of taking both flanks.  They form a tight formation on the left flank (where the ground is nice and open), across from their two T&H objectives.

The Ork warhorde spreads out over the 2/3 of the deployment zone farthest from the big guns.

Turn 1

AMTL wins initiative
  • T'Bolts go on overwatch.  They primary mission this game is to put blast markers on the Landa whenever it makes its move.

  • Bikes double forward
  • Reaver goes on overwatch
  • More bikes double forward
  • Tyr marches forward
  • Blitz brigade speeds into the central town
  • Thor marches forward too
  • Stormboyz sweep into town
  • Sentinels form a wide screen around the blitz guard Reaver
  • Another Blitz brigade zoom into town
  • T'Bolts strafe them, killing a boom oddboy and his ride.
  • Fightabommaz intercepts...
... downing one T'Bolt
  • Landa lands, setting up a mobile flak base right where the T'bolts are leaving.
  • Gargant ducks discreetly out of LoS
  • Mounted boyz move closer to the action

Turn 2

Orks win initiative, and passes first activation to the AMTL.
  • Thor advances and fires a barrage at the Gargant, stripping most of its shields.

  • Bikes sneak closer, attempting to flank the AMTL Blitz from behind the hill
  • Badly rattled surviving T'bolt manages to return to action (on a 5+ no less)
  • Ork Bikes does something inconsequential far away...
  • Sentinels attempt to go on overwatch, but fails, and removes blast markers.
  • Blitz brigade edges closer, hugging the treeline
  • Tyr doubles right and draws a bead on the Blitz brigade, firing an unholy amount of AT6+/MW4+ shots, even hitting with some of them... Five battlewagons, including one Zzap oddboy, vanish in the firestorm, and the remaining three flees forward.
This is the only salvo the upgunned Tyr managed to fire in the whole game. It did disable an enemy formation quite decisively, though.
  • The other  blitz brigade doubles into flanking position
  • Reaver Jormundgandr patiently remain on overwatch
  • Battlewagon mob doubles into engagement range, firing at Tyr and stripping a shield.
  • Full-strength T'Bolts strafes the blitz brigade, doing nothing
  • Fightabommaz intercepts,doing nothing
  • Stormboyz double into engagement position
Ork bikers camping out, chillin' on the right flank objectives.  They can barely hear the gunfire on other end of the battlefield...
  • Gargant crashes through the forest and fires on Tyr, missing spectactularly.
  • Landa sets up an impromptu air defense site right in front of the T'Bolts again, and shoots both of them out of the sky as they attempt to leave combat airspace
  • Tyr rallies, removing all blast markers and regenerating the single lost shield.
  • Broken Blitz brigade remnants rallies.

Turn 3

AMTL wins initiative

  • Reaver Jormundgandr pivots on advance orders, in order to bring the missiles to bear on the stormboyz. Stormboyz melt under fire, and the remnants flee.

  • Tyr retains and engages the mounted warband...
... The boyz only manage to bring down a single void shield, and are thoroughly trounced in return. The few survivors flee towards the AMTL blitz.  Tyr consolidates towards the Gargant, revving its chainsword menacingly.
  • The gargant doubles forward, firing at the sentinel screen and missing completely again.
  • Thor moves into crossfire position and opens up on the Gargant with Macro cannons and Defence Lasers. It only manages to remove the final shield...
This was, in hindsight, a severe tactical error on my part; I should have engaged the Gargant and driven it away or at least broken it; as it was, it contested one of the T&H objectives...
... leaving the path open for an ork end-game run
  • Fighta-bommaz strafe the Sentinels, killing two.
  • Bikes move into support position, killing the remaining sentinels
  • Blitz brigade attempt to move into firing position, but fails to activate.  Big Boss Baddaz on orbit can only grind his teef in frustration.
  • Small blitz brigade double into position, firing on Jormundgandr but missing. A blast marker is inflicted...
  • Baddaz himself, in his shiny new Landa, makes an airborne assault on the Blitz Guard Reaver.  He is intercepted by a lone T'bolt, which actually manage to damage the Landa; however, the craft remains under control and lands safely, albeit with two blast markers...
... hordes of angry greenskins emerge from the smoking craft and bravely open fire at long range on the Reaver, supported by bikes and gunwagons...
... however, the Ork shooting is abysmal, and Jormundgandr only loses three shields, while its own fire kills the Landa (as well as a bunch of grotz in front of it).  Combat resolution favors the Titan, and Baddaz is the first to flee...

If Jormundgandr had been broken here, the game would have been over 2 (Blitz, T&H) to 0 in the Orks favor.  As it is, the score is 1 (T&H) to 0, and the game continues.

Rally - the broken warband fails to rally, leaving very few orks to deal with the Blitz Reaver.

Turn 4

Orks win initiative - one last shot at glory...
  • Warbikes fails to activate...
The orks conceded the game here, with no clear way to score any objectives, and a massive disparity in points.

After Action Thoughts

This game was won mostly by bad ork luck (thank you, first-painted-battle-jinx on the Landa!); If the turn 3 airborne assault had worked (which it easily could have), that would have been it.

The Titans didn't really get to shoot all that much, especially during turn 1 where the Orks stayed completely out of LoS.  A small number of slow units are fairly easy to dodge if there is adequate terrain and space.

On a large table with slow Titans, the only goal that the opponent can't effectively deny is T&H; I'll need more Warhounds to have a shot at taking Blitz.  A list like this, with only Battle Titans and screens really relies on a draw and going to points.

The Quake Warlord had to move forward, given its much shorter range, and thus can't double as Blitz Guard; This means something else has to stay behind without contributing to taking terrain, and a Battle Titan is too expensive for the job, if it is not doing anything else. There are much more effective direct-fire weapons than Quakes; I don't think Thor will be seeing much action from here on.

The Warlords were big and scary as they should be, but they were definitely not game-winning. At 3000 points, the AMTL can afford maybe one as a centerpiece, but the rest of the formations need to be cheaper and more maneuverable.