Hive Fleet Black Tide vs Ultramarines

2500 points; Onachus 10.1 (Developmental) vs Codex Astartes.

Opening Salvos

The Hive Fleet has arrived in Ultramar; The first significant battle is set on a low-population garden world .  Calls for help were received by Ultramarine patrols, then suddenly cut off; Orbital scans indicate significant activity on the surface, but no communication activity; A ground scouting force is dispatched.

The advancing swarm

Black Tide N2, 2500 POINTS
Hive Fleet Onachus Tyranids (NetEA v10.1 *UNDER DEVELOPMENT*)

Dominatrix, Termagants, Hormagants

4 Termagants, Hive Tyrant, 2 Hormagants, Zoanthrope (745.M41), Exocrine, Carnifex

4 Termagants, Hive Tyrant, 2 Hormagants, Carnifex, Haruspex

4 Termagants, Hive Tyrant, 2 Hormagants, Carnifex, Haruspex

Two Tyranid Warriors, 4 Termagants, 2 Hormagants, 4 Malefactor, Trygon


4 Exocrine

3 Lictor

The thin blue line

Ultramarines scouting force, 2500 POINTS
Codex Astartes (NetEA Army Compendium v20120208)

4 Scouts, Supreme Commander, Rhinos, Sniper

5 Landspeeder

5 Landspeeder

5 Landspeeder


4 Assault Units, Chaplain

4 Devastators, Librarian


4 Assault Units, Chaplain

4 Devastators, Librarian

2 Thunderbolts

Battlefield with objectives


Exocrines garrison forward, in lee of ruins, to protect against early engagements

Turn 1

Marines win initiative, and lets the Tyranids go first.

A swarm advances into ruins next to the Exocrines.

Scouts move up, shooting ineffectively at the first swarm.

A second, faster, swarm moves up and lurks behind the still-intact building.

"Brother-Captain, I'm sure I heard something moving in the ruins..."

Thunderbolts strafe a swarm, killing some gaunts.  First blood to the marines.
Hierodule scoots right, drawing a bead on the scouts and kills a Rhino with a well-placed bile pod.
Land Speeders double forward, and actually manage to kill an Exocrine. They remain on Overwatch.
A swarm moves into the forest behind the speeders, shooting and killing one.
Hammerfall!  A Thunderhawk roars in, disgorging assault marines and devastators.

Overwatch fire from the Exocrines kills one Assault marine.

Combat is a bloody slaughter of the Tyranids, who also lose their Tyrant.

Combat resolution starts at +2 in the Marine favor - but the roll-off ends in a disastrous defeat to the Marines, who lose the assault detachment and Thunderhawk.

The devastators fall back to a nearby forested hill.
Dominatrix advances, casually killing a Land speeder on the way.
More land speeders move up, peppering the swarm remnants with no effect.
One swarm remains on overwatch, protecting the Tyranid Blitz objective against the fast-moving marines.
Final landspeeder formation spreads out, protecting objectives, and also putting a blast marker on the fast swarm.
Second hammerfall!  Another Thunderhawk swoops in, depositing more Assault and Devastator Marines.  This time, they are undisturbed by flak...
... combined with a rather poor showing of blunted claws and broken teeth, results in all but the fearless Warriors and Trygon are wiped out in combat resolution.

Turn 2

The peaceful forested hill where the broken devastators sought refuge turned out to be a Lictor hidingplace; The Lictors skulk in, but seem confused and unprepared (3 rolls, 1 BM, sigh).
The broken Warriors rallied and spawned a few gaunts; The devastators promptly shoot them away again.
The devastators in the forest turn their heavy weapons on the advancing Lictors, wiping them out with no losses in return.
In the center, the Hierodule advances and puts a few blast markers on the scouts and speeders, but the rattled remnants are stuck in the scout ZOC and can't get a useful engage off - the skimmer scouts are hard to hit, and would trigger substantial support fire from the scouts, while the scouts can't be engaged while the swarm is in another formations ZOC.

They dither in the ruins until a healthy swarm moves up and absorbs them, presenting a formation that is at least very hard to dislodge.

Land speeders move in, shoots the Warriors in the ruins, killing them both.  The broken Trygon flees to the far objective.
Land speeders shoot the Exocrines again, breaking them before they do anything useful.
Dominatrix engages the Landspeeders in firefight while passing by, losing a few expendable gaunts but killing two Landspeeders and driving off the last.
Thunderbolts strafe the luckless Trygon, who is hit once and bleeds out from a critical hit, all alone in the ruins...
Thunderhawk strafes the big formation in the center, with no effect.
Turn 3

Marine Scouts goes on overwatch, and Land speeders kills some of the Dominatrix' by now rather sizeable gaunt swarm.

Hierodule pounces on the Devastators in the forest, killing them all.

The big swarm, still trapped in the scout ZOC with no good engagement options, advance cautiously backwards, putting a few shots on the Devastators in the open ground.

The Dominatrix follows up, sending a hormagaunt into base contact and following up with multiple termagants and herself in FF range, intermingling the nearby assault marines.

The gaunts suffer heavy losses, and the Marines shrug off most of what is being slung at them, leads to a combat resolution at +2 in the Marine advantage.  This is, once again, lost in the roll, where Sørens double '1' spell a rout for the marines. 

A surviving devastator falls back towards the blitz objective, while the assault marines move forwards into position near an objective.

A solo land speeder rallies, claims an objective and lightly toasting the backside of the Hierodule.

The scouts march forward, claimin another objective.  This puts the goal count at 2-1 (T&H, BTS vs BTS) in the Marine favor.

The Blitz guard swarm boils out from their positions, to contest the scout-claimed objective.
Landspeeders tries in vain to kill the Tyrant and Carnifex.
Thunderhawk tries too, killing some gaunts.

At this point, we decided to call it a gentlemens draw; We were 1-1 on goals, and it would have been an interesting turn 4, but it was 1:00 AM (on a weeknight, no less).

I'm looking forward to the next stage of the invasion!