AMTL 3.2 vs Black Legion, 4K

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AMTL Forces:

Imperator Titan, Legate




Warlord Titan, CCW, Gatling Blaster, Apoc Rocket Launcher, Plasma Cannon, Carapace Multilasers, Veteran Princeps


Reaver Titan, CCW, Plasma Cannon, Vulcan megabolter, Veteran Princeps


Warhound Titan, Plasma Blastgun, Turbolaser












Black Legion Forces:

8 Chaos Space Marines, Daemonic Pact, 4 Havocs, Obliterator, Chaos Warlord (Supreme Commander), (Tzeentch)

8 Chaos Space Marines, Daemon Prince, Daemonic Pact, 4 Rhino, (Khorne)

8 Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Lord, (Khorne), Chaos Champion, 4 Rhino, Daemonic Pact

Chaos Lord, 6 Chaos Terminator, (Khorne), Chaos Champion, Daemonic Pact

4 Chaos Space Marine Scouts, (Khorne), 2 Rhino, Daemonic Pact

(Chaos Undivided), Decimator

Chaos Lord, 5 Raptor, Daemonic Pact, (Khorne)

Chaos Lord, 5 Raptor, (Khorne)

3 Fighters, (Chaos Undivided)

2 Bombers, (Chaos Undivided)


Death Wheel, (Khorne)

(Khorne), Greater Daemon, 13 Lesser Daemon

The battlefield: 
AMTL sets up with the Blitz objective close to two T&H objectives; The Black legion places its objectives far from the expected Titan approach.
Black legion deploy the BTS retinue, with Supreme commander, on garrison.  This was a serious strategic error, since it placed it within range and LOS of the Titans' firepower from turn 1.
Titan legion deploys in dense formation, with sentinel scouts screening their rear and flanks.
Black Legion deploys on both sides of the river, centrally behind the large hill.
Turn 1
AMTL wins initiative.
  • The Imperator doubles forward, fires on the BTS formation and breaks it; It falls back to the bunkers near the road.
  • BL Hellblades go on CAP
  • AMTL Thunderbolts attempts to strafe broken BTS.  Helltalons intercepts, and while one is killed by the Imperator AA, the remaining two kills the thunderbolts in return.
  • BL Hellblades bombs the left sentinel formation; One is killed by flak, the other only kills one Sentinel.
  • AMTL Warhound doubles, shoots at the BTS retinue and scares one unit away.
  • BL retinue with champion doubles forward and races into the ruins with the objective.  One Rhino smashes into a wall, and is destroyed with all hands...
  • AMTL Thunderbolts intercepts the Hellblades, downing one more
  • BL Deathwheel advances, shooting the Warhound and removes 2 shields.
  • AMTL Marauders bomb the BTS, causing 3 more casualties.
  • BL Feral Titan doubles forward, shoots and damages the Warhound, which breaks and fall back
  • AMTL Warlord double forward, Shoots & breaks the Feral Titan
The feral Titan falls forward...
  • BL Retinue with Daemon Prince double and shoots the Warlord, with no effect.
  • AMTL Reaver doubles, shoots and kills Feral Titan. First engine Kill!
  • BL Decimator doubles, shoots Warlord, no effect
  • AMTL Undamaged sentinels  march to guard the Titans rear
  • BL Raptors march to take position next to the Warlord
  • AMTL damaged Sentinels fail to activate and break themselves...
  • More BL Raptors march to take positions
  • Chosen march into position.

  • BL BTS fail to rally on a 3, even with a Sup Com reroll.
  • AMTL Warlord sheds blastmarkers
  • BL Retinue with blastmarkers sheds them
  • AMTL sentinels fails to rally
  • AMTL Warhound rallies
Turn 2

Terminators teleport in, next to Warlord, with no blast markers
Black Legion wins initiative
  • BL Deathwheel advances, puts a blast marker on the Warlord
  • BL Retains, Terminators summon Daemons (4D3, 6 lesser Daemons arrive), Engages the Warlord. 
The Warlord suffers 5 damage and breaks, for no terminator losses (all hits are suffered by the expendable Daemons)
  • AMTL Imperator Advances, and disembarks Skitarii.  Fire on the Daemon Prince retinue, with barrages reaching both Deathwheel and Raptors, severely mauls the Retinue and breaks both Deathwheel and Raptors.
  • AMTL Retains, Marauders ground attack and bomb the Terminators, with the barrage also hitting the shaken Retinue.  The Terminators lose an attendant Daemon, but the two blast markers on the Retinue are enough to break them.
The retinue falls back towards the river
  • BL Chosen summons 2D3 Daemons (2 arrive), and engage the Skitarii in a long range firefight.  Support fire from the Terminators takes its toll, and the Skitarii loses and falls back.  To add insult to injury, the Secutor was hacked down while fleeing...
  • BL Decimator advances and shoots the Warlord, damaging it further.
  • AMTL Reaver engages the Terminators, pulling in the nearby Raptors as intermingled. 
Terminators are wiped out in combat resolution, and the Raptors flee, broken.
Titan battlegroup turning left to face the enemy
  • BL Retinue doubles forward to shoot the Warlord, with no effect.
  • AMTL Warhound advances, draws a bead on the Decimator and open fire. One shot, one kill.
  • BL Helltalons fail to activate
  • AMTL Sentinels doubles, shoots and kills a Raptor.
  • BL Hellblades fails to activate
  • AMTL Thunderbolts Ground attacks the BTS, and kills the Supreme commander with a blastmarker.

  • BL BTS fails to rally on a 3
  • AMTL Warlord rallies, and repairs its reactor breach (to my great relief - usually a single reactor breach is death sentence for my Warlords)
  • BL Deathwheel fails to rally on a 4
  • AMTL Skitarii fails on rally on 5 (using the Sup Com reroll)
  • BL Retinue rallies
  • AMTL Warhound sheds a BM
  • BL Raptors rallies
  • AMTL Reaver sheds BM
  • BL Raptors fail to rally on a 3
  • AMTL Sentinels fails to rally on a 5, falling further back.
Turn 3
AMTL Wins initiative
  • AMTL Sentinels advance (using the sup com reroll!), kills a Chosen rhino
  • AMTL Retains, Reaver engages the Chosen and wipes them.
  • BL Hellblade activates for a ground attack, but is shot down by AA
  • AMTL Warlord advances, shoots and breaks the retinue with champion
At this point, the Black Legion conceded the game.  The AMTL had secured T&H, and would likely secure either TSNP or BTS during turn three; even if this didn't happen, the BL could not secure two goals, and a draw on goals would favor the AMTL massively.

Post-battle thoughts: The Skitarii didn't have much effect on the game, but I liked them for their engagement deterrent effect when mounted in the Imperators legs. The other battle titans had CCWs, which serves much the same purpose, but the Imperator is actually quite vulnerable to terminators and similar CC formations.  The Skitarii help mitigate that.

It was my opponents first battle against the AMTL; I think the battle highlights some the AMTLs strengths, which is extreme concentration of force - the BL forces rushed my very dense formation, and this let me play to the AMTL strengths - massive shooting with large barrages, and devastating engagement with battle titans. 

The AMTL hits like a ton of bricks, but it telegraphs its intentions right from the placement of the objectives - the two T&H objectives placed 30cm apart will tell precisely where a Titan is going to be in turn 3.  The AMTL has a very hard time reaching far-flung objectives, especially objectives outside LOS, and its heavier Titans are prone to get bogged down if disposable formations delay them.  Also, its light formations are very light, and it should be possible to gain a significant activation advantage by turn 3, which can be used for late-turn objective grabs or denials.  None of these weaknesses were exploited this time (though I'm sure they will be, come the inevitable rematch!)