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My own campaigns

Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness is Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying set against a backdrop of a full-scale invasion from the Nether Realms.


Polaris is a d20 Modern module.

Campaigns I play In

Martin's Campaign

In Martin's campaign, I play Brother Stone, a cleric of St. Cuthbert.

Morten's Campaign

In Morten's campaign, I play Thaleles Darkshine, an elven sorceror.

Klaus' Campaign

In Klaus' Campaign, I played "Dagger" Deepwood, a halfling rogue; When he retired to pursue a life of Crime and Debauchery, I started playing Iodan De Lancy, a human paladin.

Adventure Modules

I test the dungeon generator by making dungeon-crawl modules; I make them much faster than I can realistically host them for my players, so here are both playtested and never played modules, for public consumption.

Deshann's Lair

The self-styled Bandit King Deshann has for a long time been a terror of the westward mountain passes. He has been tolerated by the rulers of the two realms separated by the passes. They are not on good terms, and his men tends to slip into the neighboring kingdom at the first sign of trouble. Now, however, he has waylaid a caravan carrying an important piece of treasure to one of the rulers (the player character's Patron). The irate ruler sends his best trouble-shooters, along with a squad of troopers, to eradicate Deshann once and for all, and more importantly, to recover the treasure.

Stonecarver's Colony

A straightforward fact (and treasure) finding mission turns into a vicious four-way fight in cramped quarters, between Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs and a powerful new species of Insectoids - with the party caught in the middle!

Brogon Cult Dungeon

Simple dungeon with seeds for 1st through 6th level parties.

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