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Unpainted Infantry

I got my much-anticipated shock troopers last weekend, and promptly started cutting and trimming to make an Imperial Guard army. Lo and behold, the as yet unpainted infantry segment of the Bifrost Guards:

There are bits stolen from Cadians, old Imperial Guard plastics and Space marines scattered throughout;  They all match up wonderfully well.

They are supposed to be the Security force for a spaceport (Bifrost Spaceport) on an ice world; it is cold enough that any exposed skin is an immediate life threat. All troops on outdoors patrol would wear facemasks and gloves at all times.  No faces or eyes to paint this time :)

Next steps (after I paint up these guys!) is their armour segment (three Leman Russes), transports (five Chimeras), anti-air support (two Hydra Flak tanks) and scout walkers (3-6 Sentinels).  When that is completed, I think I've earned myself a Shadowsword :)