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Familiens fotoalbum virker igen

Efter kun et års nedetid er familifotoalbummet på nettet igen:

Så er Campaign Manager på benene igen


Jeg er vist ved at være i træning med at sætte tomcats op - det tog kun en time denne gang...

Unpainted Infantry

I got my much-anticipated shock troopers last weekend, and promptly started cutting and trimming to make an Imperial Guard army. Lo and behold, the as yet unpainted infantry segment of the Bifrost Guards:

There are bits stolen from Cadians, old Imperial Guard plastics and Space marines scattered throughout;  They all match up wonderfully well.

On Changes

Stephan Dahl, July 23., 2009

Software, being the most fluid medium of construction known, is constantly changing. And while the medium is fluid, the cost of change in terms of wasted effort and time is every bit as crippling to a software project as to any other construction effort.

This article deals with tools and techniques to manage and describe change, and control its impact on the project at hand.

On Unit Tests

Stephan Dahl, June 2., 2009

Unit tests are an integral part of a solid application. While the unit tests are of course never seen by the users of the application, they are part of the foundation that ensures that the application works according to intent, an more importantly, that it continues to do so in the face of a lifetime of changes.   

This article discuss the principles of designing Unit Tests into an application.

On Measuring Time

 Stephan Dahl, May 4., 2009

Measuring Time is necessary for many things - demonstrating progress to the client, letting the organization learn from its collective experiences, and quantifying the contributions of the individuals. Yet it is commonly ignored if possible and ridiculed if not. This article tries to examine the reasons for this, and provides directions for increasing the value and reducing the hassle involved.

Billeder og Forum

Så er der support for billedgallerier (efter en fejlstart med "album photos" så fandt jeg "image" der også har pæn lightbox support).
Desuden, et forum til diskussion.

Så er der WYSIWYG

Med FCKEditor, som var lidt besværlig at installere

Indlejret billede

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